Create a polygon shapefile from .dbf table

Create a polygon shapefile from .dbf table

I am using arcgis 10.1 and have a table "dbf" containing information of polygons.

This table has fields "OID" "SHAPE" "SHAPE.area" "SHAPE.LEN"

there is a way or tool to convert this table as shp polinos

No there isn't.

The way a shapefile is made doesn't allow for that. A DBF is only the attribute/table information for the shapefile's features. The SHP file is the one that makes up the actual geometry/shapes of the shapefile while the SHX file is the one that contains the index between the two that helps associate the table information (DBF) with the spatial information (SHP).

IF… the DBF actually contained coordinate data such as the location of each vertex for the polygon, you could reconstruct it manually, but unless it was purposely put there, it is very unlikely for that information to be stored there.

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